Hey you, yes you, come join us!🤜🤛

Nobe helps entrepreneurs get their taxes done without all the bureaucracy side. You'll love working with us if you're passionate, ambitious and balanced 🙏

Hola! We're Nobe. 🤟 

We got tired of seeing from Estonia 🇪🇪 how our friends in Latin America were struggling to get themselves started with a business. How their ambition would be diminished by the bureaucracy they were facing and how their money was wasted into fees they shouldn't be paying.

For our friends, for all the hardworking enterpreneurs that exist back home, we decided to form Nobe. We're building a platform that helps people like you or us get an autonomous business set up and running, without all the government burden.

Starting in Mexico 🇲🇽.

Our Values

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Big hearts, bigger mission

As a company founded by product managers coming from giants like (transfer)Wise, Linio and RD Station, we're driven by creating amazing experiences and disrupting the way typically business is done. No matter if it's accounting or finance. For doing things out of the box, we're often called "young" or "misplaced", what we're pretty proud of. 

Coming from Latin America makes us really excited about our roots - we do love guacamole - and also truly passionate about what we do. We're the peeps you'd be working with! 🤟








CPO & Co-Founder




CEO & Co-Founder







Our perks 

We want each of our team members to feel like an important part of our mission. We constantly feel inspired to reach places and people we never thought, and inspired to leave our comfort zone – all while having fun along the way.

For that, we want to make sure you're covered to achieve a healthy life balance. Apart from a stock package and a competitive salary, we're offering a range of perks and benefits that we hope will lead you achieve this.


4 weeks paid, no matter where you are

MacBook laptop

A shiny new grey-space laptop

Health Days

Feeling a bit down today? Take a health day.

Travel Perks

When we do travel, we'll make sure to include you

Flexible working hours

Forget the 9 to 5. Work when you perform at full speed.

Flexible Location

Choose between joining us in our HQ in Tallinn and the world.

Team Fun

We enjoy weekly lunches & get to have real fun 

Interested in helping million of entrepreneurs? Join us 💪

We're on a mission to eliminate bureaucracy